Wild Mallow Seed Pudding or Sauce – New Ways to Use Wild Foods

Today I made a creamy, pudding-like filling for homemade profiteroles using wild mallow seeds. Not the green, immature mallow seeds I wrote about in The Forager’s Feast. Not the mallow fluff method I video’d. This time I used fully mature mallow seeds.

I used the seeds of the species Malva sylvestris: you could use the seeds of any Malva neglecta, or any Malva species.

The principle is similar to working with flax seed meal or chia seeds: add liquid to the seeds or ground seed meal, and give it time to be absorbed. The result is a creamy, thick food with a texture somewhere between a pudding and a soft custard.

Because mallow seeds can be larger than flax or chia seeds, I opted to grind them in my coffee grinder. I wanted a smoother texture than I would’ve gotten from the whole seeds.

I used a very, very ripe banana and some foraged carob for flavor and sweetness (the mallow seeds are strictly a thickening agent and don’t bring much flavor to the party…although there is something, a hint of green wildness…well, try it and let me know). You could add other fruits, honey, silan (date syrup), whatever sounds good.

By the way, this is from the new book I’m working on, The Skillful Forager.

Here is the basic ratio you need to know:

Wild mallow and carob profiteroles

Wild Mallow Seed Pudding or Sauce

1/4 to 1/3 cup ground wild mallow seed meal

1 cup liquid of your choice (I used almond milk this time. Coconut milk would be a good option, or dairy…)

Fruit, spices, sweeteners of your choosing

Combine in a blender or just stir together with a spoon. Refrigerate or leave in a cool place overnight.

That’s it. You can use your mallow seed “pudding” to stuff profiteroles as I did here, or to thicken breakfast smoothies, or…let me know what you come up with and I’ll do the same 😉


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