How to Make Hazelnut Milk Without Shelling the Nuts

Here’s a quick video showing how I make hazelnut milk without shelling the nuts (especially handy with wild hazelnuts which tend to be smaller than the cultivated ones). The taste reminds me of Nutella, and I mean that in a good way. Works with hickory nuts, too.


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  1. Cindy Donahey says:

    This could be made in the crockpot with one batch, add all the water at once. Bring to bubbling and then turn it down to low. Low on a crock pot is simmer. The lowest temperature at which food will simmer. There is a high temperature where things will,simmer, but the low end is better. Shell and nutmeat residue can be dried and saved for a brazier fire.. some people would steam a pudding at the same time to add extra flavor. I was around people in my youth who tested out initial versions of the crockpot..

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