The 250-Mile Diet Rules

Here are my rules for a year of local eating that begins next Tuesday!

(Read Getting Ready for the 250-Mile Diet if you aren’t sure what this is about)

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Leda (and GT) Leda & GT

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One response to “The 250-Mile Diet Rules”

  1. seraphpin says:

    very nice idea Leda…we do something along that line though not as dedicated. I purchase my eggs from a local farmer within walking distance and also our meats (he is free range and is good to his animals). We have a vegetable garden and grow what we can … also the herb garden for the kitchen and some medicinals. Tonight we are having on the table locally farmed beef with garden grown vegetables and herbs in the roast pot. I applaud your efforts. Thank you for letting me know of this.

    Je vis de bonne soupe et non de beau langage.
    (Moliere…Les Femmes Savante (1672) II, vii)

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