Summer’s Home Stretch

This post is going to be a quick sharing of food preservation and foraging recipes and info because, well, that’s what I’m up to in these final days of summer. There have been some beautiful wild mushroom finds recently, including oyster


and cinnabar chanterelles


and more chicken.

In case you’re blessed with similar abundance, here is how to dry shrooms in your oven or (better) in a dehydrator.

I need a small mule or something to carry my weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share home at this time of year, and this year does seem more abundant than last. Stuff I’ve been making with it:

Cantaloupe – Peach Preserves

Home-canned Roasted Tomatoes

Naturally Fermented Pickled Cherries

Okay, gotta get back to it. I still have green beans, beets, and peaches to can before next Tuesday’s CSA distribution!

Join me for some foraging tours and food preservation workshops if you’re in the neighborhood.

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  1. acmeplant says:

    Oh man, those cherries sound delicious! Is it better with sweet or sour cherries, or does it matter?

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