NY Post on Locavores & Foraging

Today’s New York Post ran an article by Carla Spartos on the foraging event I hosted for Slow Food and on locavores. It is encouraging to see what was recently viewed as a weird fringe lifestyle start to gain interest and acceptance.

I think food is unique in the what-can-I-do-to-help-save-the-planet department because along with reducing one’s carbon footprint and supporting small, local farms the food is just so darn good. I mean, using a refillable water bottle instead of buying daily plastic bottles is great (and I do so), but it doesn’t offer any immediate sensory reward. Whereas a pot of gumbo made with the sassafras leaves I picked for file powder just when they were at their fragrant peak…well, sometimes saving the planet does taste really, really good.

Here is a photo Zandy Mangold took of me with some of those sassafras leaves:

photo credit: Zandy Mangold

If you don’t live in NYC and can’t pick up a copy of the print version (or want to save a few trees), you can read the article online. There is also a sidebar on How to be a Locavore.

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2 responses to “NY Post on Locavores & Foraging”

  1. acmeplant says:

    I wish I could have been there! And you look so purty w/that Sassafrass! Any Mayapple in Prospect Park? Because I scored big time…

  2. ledameredith says:

    Lots of mayapples, but none quite ripe yet–or even ripe enough to pick and let ripen on a shelf. Next week, I’m thinking. What are you going to do with your big-time mayapple score?

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