News Bite on Leda the Locavore

The new edition of The Brooklyn Paper includes an interview that I did with Wendy Ponte about my 250-Mile Diet. You can read it online here tonight, or pick up a hard copy for free starting tomorrow, Fri. 21st. It’s available at numerous shops in da hood if you happen to live nearby. Not sure about her closing sentence, but I’ll take it with a sense of humor!

Not sure what this is about? Read Getting Ready for the 250-Mile Diet and The Rules

2 responses to “News Bite on Leda the Locavore”

  1. acmeplant says:

    Congratulations, that’s excellent press! I’m sure she’s joking about being a sellout. BTW, she spelled locavore wrong.

  2. laylage says:

    I think the last sentence definitely reads as sarcastic; just like the getting a medal for being in the CSA and Co-op. It’s her way of commending your discipline. Like a 13 year old giving a compliment.

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