Miriam's Malabi

I’ve been back just over a week, and I’ve almost adjusted to being back in this snowy landscape


after this:


Before too much more time goes by, I want to mention the wonderful lunch we had with my long-time friend Miriam of Israeli Kitchen. She cooked a scrumptious meal of many courses. It included her sourdough bread, and mushrooms with grape vine leaves (an Elizabeth David recipe that I was tickled to recognize, one foodie to another).

She also made a dessert called malabi. It’s a light pudding flavored with rose water and the recipe for it is here.

Here’s me finishing up the malabi. I don’t think I was talking with my mouth full, but I can’t promise.


I’ve got some folks coming over for dinner tomorrow and I think I’ll try making some malabi for them. A friend once told me never to make “virgin” recipes, i.e. ones you haven’t made before, for guests, but that’s a rule I’ve broken too many times to take seriously now.

I’d also like to mention that a forager’s eye is always on the lookout, and mine was delighted to spot this bountiful watercress along the Jordan river (Ellen, Mark–you know I thought of your patch in PA when we found this!)


Okay, so maybe I haven’t fully adjusted to being back. I’m still waking up stupidly early. And there’s this guy I’m sweet on who’s there not here. Sigh.

Meanwhile, time to nuzzle up with Ella and make the most of my winter pantry.

Stay warm.

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3 responses to “Miriam's Malabi”

  1. Miriam says:

    What a lovely afternoon we had, and how quickly the time passed! Now that you’ve seen how easy Malabi is, I’ll have to go in the opposite direction next time you’re here – something fancy for dessert like stuffed ma’amoul cookies. Not that we could have fitted ma’amoul in when we had lunch at my house. 🙂

    I hope there will be a next time in Israel and that by that time my little balcony garden will be something worth seeing. Think of us when you close your door on your snowy back yard – it’s finally cold and rainy here and the landscape is becoming green. I bought a new bottle of that fizzy wine we enjoyed and have stashed it in the fridge for an upcoming dinner party – I’ll lift my glass and think of lunch with Leda and company, and smile.

    • ledameredith says:

      Many thanks again, Miriam! I will raise a glass to you as well.

      Speaking of dinner parties, I just got this from Ellen of http://www.downanddirtygardening.com (she’s on the road and wordpress doesn’t make it easy to post comments via iPhone): “if you feel comfortable enough to try a virgin dish for company you must be a very good cook or they must be very good friends. I don’t know who’s coming but I’m fully confident in your cooking skills!” Thanks, Ellen!

  2. acmeplant says:

    I guess the cat makes up for the knives! Sampson looks like good company.

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