Local Food Video with Leda

Kitchen Caravan recently filmed me foraging for field garlic and making Skordalia (Greek Garlic Dip) with it. They also got a nice bit of an interview with my miller, Don Lewis of Wild Hive Farm. The spot is in four segments that you can view individually: interview, shopping at the greenmarket, digging up field garlic, and making the recipe. You can find the links to all of them here. By the way, the Skordalia recipe is also fabulous made with regular garlic.

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2 responses to “Local Food Video with Leda”

  1. SaraAnneC says:

    How wonderful to see and hear you in real time after all these years!
    I draw inspiration from your words and work…
    Sara Anne Corrigan
    Evansville, IN

  2. acmeplant says:

    You looked like a real pro! Congratulations.

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