Leda Doing the No Impact Week

Today I taught two classes at Adelphi University, finished choreographing Petrouchka except for a few transitions and side bits (in case you’re wondering why this is in a local foods blog, check out my other life), and got through several chapters of the copyedits for my next local foods book. Including commute time, it was a thirteen hour day–too long. But I did have two breaks: during one, I took a nap. During the next, I took a walk and scored several pounds of ringless honey mushrooms (Armillariella tabescens). A good day!

Coming up this weekend, I’m teaching Putting the Garden to Bed at The New York Botanical Garden and Victory Gardens at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you’ve been growing some of your own food or are planning to do so in 2010, these classes will help your edible garden thrive.

Starting Sunday, I’ve signed up for the No Impact Week. What that means is that I’ll be back on The 250-Mile Diet for a week. Honestly, that part of it won’t be much of a hardship because even a year after The 250 officially ended my diet is still mostly local. But the No Impact experiment asks me to reconsider and reinvent how I use electricity, water, and many other things I take for granted in daily life. I encourage anyone who is up for an adventure to join me and (as of this writing) over 1500 others for the challenge.

The No Impact Week doesn’t actually get around to going local on food until Day Four, and describes eating local as “a toughie.” Since eating local is my normal, I almost feel like I’d be cheating to wait to go hard core on it until day four. So I’ll be reinstating The 250-Mile Diet rules on day one, which is Sunday 18th.


Botany, Ballet, & Dinner from Scratch: A Memoir with Recipes by Leda Meredith

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