Late Spring Harvest & Upcoming Foraging Tour

The strawberries will be coming in for a while yet, but the fruits of late Spring and early Summer are starting now. Today I collected Juneberries


and mulberries


I also got a few mayapples, as well as some milkweed florets, which look like miniature broccoli


On the way out of the park, I noticed that the first zucchini from South Jersey were at the farmers’ market. Must be almost summer!

I’m leading a wild edible plants tour for Green Edge Collaborative on the 20th in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. I expect we’ll be finding more juneberries and mulberries, daylily buds (great pickled), and hopefully some good edible mushrooms (all this rain is good for that at least!). There are only a few remaining spots available (I limit the size of my foraging tours so that I can keep an eye on everyone, especially the beginners). If you’d like to join us, please click here to register.

Botany, Ballet, and Dinner from Scratch: A Memoir with Recipes by Leda Meredith

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  1. acmeplant says:

    Can’t believe you’re harvesting Mayapples already! They pulled the clump at the NYBG because of a pathogen they couldn’t get rid of. They may replant in the future but for now it’s gone, gone, gone. Sad, sad, sad.

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