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The only edibles in my garden right now are herbs, violets (leaves and flowers are great in salads), garlic (planted last fall and should put out edible scapes in a month or so), field garlic, and a small patch of baby arugala. But we’re far enough into spring that it at least looks like a garden, and I enjoyed spending the morning doing some weeding and clean up. This was the view as I headed out my back door:

walking out my back door

And here is my morning cup of exemption coffee getting cold while I run around with the camera:

Note the compost bin in the back corner–one of my tasks this morning was spreading compost around the soon-to-be veggie beds.

For fruit, my garden has strawberry plants, two huge elderberries that have yet to set fruit (maybe this year), a red currant that offers up at least a pint of jewel-like fruit each spring. I also have an Elaeagnus (autumn olive a.k.a. silverberry) that is loaded with flowers for the first time in the three years I’ve grown it. Hopefully that means lots of fruit from it this fall. And I have a juneberry, a.k.a. Amelanchier, that Ellen gave me. It has fruits that look something like blueberries but have a delicious taste all their own. It fruited heavily for me last year, and right now it is in full bloom and definitely the star of the garden.

GT was very pleased to be let outside.

But now I need to come back inside and get busy washing up the greens I brought back from the farmers’ market for tonight’s salad.

If you’re thinking about trying to grow a few edibles yourself, and you live in NYC, stop by the National Gardening Association’s NYC Grows event at Union Square on Sunday, April 27th. I’ll be doing a container veg-and-herb gardening demo from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

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  1. acmeplant says:

    Your garden looks great! And the sod is holding up better than I expected.

    I’m going to be at the Union Square event all day on the 27th, demonstrating container planting at the Fafard booth. Maybe we can have lunch?

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