I Made It Through the Winter

What I bought at the farmers’ market yesterday: broccoli rabe, mixed baby salad greens, spinach, scallions. Notice a few things conspicuous by their absence? That’s right, I was no longer limited to root vegetables, cabbage, kale, and storage onions. Yay! The growing season has begun.

Some indigenous signs of spring are also popping up in my garden: mayapple mayappleand wild ginger, the spicebush leafing out, my juneberry showing a bountiful number of buds, juneberryblossomwhich, if all goes well, means a lot of juneberries in my near future.

The garlic mustard is already about to blossom, which means the leaves are about to turn bitter. But that’s okay, because now I have other salad greens like spinach and arugala. I picked a final bunch of garlic mustard to go into tonight’s salad, along with some dandelion. The dandelions, too, are starting to bloom and the leaves turn bitter, so it’s farewell to those particular wildling salads for now.

If you poked around in the crisper bins of my refrigerator, you’d see a lot of leafy greens. That’s spring. Now is not the time for red peppers or purple eggplants. It’s the time for green, and I, maybe more than most, am happy to see the green time arrive.


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2 responses to “I Made It Through the Winter”

  1. acmeplant says:

    What a relief…a cause for celebration! Out here in PA there’s no sign of either dandelion or mustard flowers, no Mayapples, and the juneberry buds are tightly wrapped. Can’t wait to catch up w/you.

  2. mattf says:

    Hi Leda.

    I’m trying to contact you, and I’ve had a couple of emails bounce back to me. Is there some other way I can reach you?

    (Matt from Slow Food NYC)

    Still love the blog. Thanks.

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