Hello, Spring

This spring has been on the chilly side, especially compared to last year’s warm temps. But the last of the crocuses are blooming,


the daffodils are kicking into full swing,


and my neighbor’s apricot tree is in bloom.


The early spring crop of dandelion greens and crowns, what my friend Melana used to call “yard squid,” are perfect this spring.


Last year the plants went from just starting to grow to flowering and bitter in a blink. So I guess the extended not-so-bitter harvest season is the consolation prize for the cold start to spring.

Time to go foraging, yes? There are still a couple of spots left for tomorrow, Sat. 6th, and for Sun. 7th. Can’t do the short notice on this weekend? Plenty more classes, tours, and events coming up!

2 responses to “Hello, Spring”

  1. acmeplant says:

    Do you ever do anything with the yard squid whole, or do you separate the leaves and use them that way?

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