From Elderberries to Wild Figs

elderberriesI’m on the road for a last few weeks of summer travels before strapping in for my fall schedule of foraging tours and other workshops.

Along with the public offerings you’ll see there, I’ll be doing several private foraging tours for garden clubs, schools, etc. One guy even hired me to do a foraging tour on his property as a birthday present for his wife and her friends.

The day before I left, I harvested several pounds of ripe elderberries and crammed them into my already full freezer. They were just too tempting to pass up – I’ll figure out what to do with them once I get back.

But before the fall foraging tours, before I deal with the still-on-their-stems elderberries in my freezer, it’s time to pick the wild figs Ricky promises are waiting for me in the hills near his home…

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One response to “From Elderberries to Wild Figs”

  1. acmeplant says:

    Ah, the siren call of the wild figs…how could anyone resist? See you in September!

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