Forager’s Log – 1st Week of June, 2012

If you were walking down the street with me this afternoon in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I was that woman with a silly grin on her face and a definite bounce in her step. There are several things that have that effect on me. Maybe I was thinking about my boyfriend. Perhaps I was listening to fabulous music through my earphones.

Or maybe that backpack I was toting was full of just-foraged goodness.

Today’s harvest included mulberries,


juneberries, elderberry flowerslinden blossoms that I’m hoping Ellen will make into wine,




burdock “cardoons,” milkweed florets,


and sassafras. There was more I could have collected (the lamb’s quarters is especially lush right now), but I was eager to get home and play with these free, superb ingredients.

So what’s for dinner? I think I’ll start with an idea for a scalloped potatoes and milkweed floret concoction, and then improvise from there. It may not quite match this menu that Chef Anthony Paris of Crosby Street Hotel and I collaborated on,


but it will be good.

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