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This past Sunday The Farm on Adderley hosted a two-part event inspired by wild edible plants. Part one was me leading a foraging tour in Prospect Park. In the evening, the participants reconvened at the restaurant to feast on Chef Tom Kearney’s wild foods-inspired dinner.

He started us off with a clear soda infused with lilac flowers and bishop’s elder. There were some unusual wines on offer from Enlightenment Wines that included ingredients such as rosehips and black currants.

The six course meal started off with grilled spring onions and a harissa yogurt (okay, that part wasn’t so “wild.” But it was delicious). Then came a beet salad with walnut puree, chickweed, and elm samaras (apologies for the funky lighting in the pics – it was pretty dark in the restaurant).


After that came pan-seared skate with fiddleheads and trout roe (yum!), then pasta stuffed with nettles, ricotta, and miner’s lettuce (very good, but it made me chuckle because it was the third day in a row that I’d eaten nettles).adderly3-sm

We were all starting to feel full by that point, but the next dishes were too good to pass up.

The final savory offering was a poached egg on top of farro grain with a pistou of foraged herbs. I couldn’t quite tell which foraged herbs, but the overall combination worked. (Remind me to ask Chef Tom).

Dessert was a wonderful elderflower panna cotta with wood sorrel granita.

Foraging Tour This Friday!

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  1. acmeplant says:

    Man, that sounds good! Where did the miner’s lettuce come from?

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