Edible Wild Plant Videos

slow-food-foraging2The past month I’ve been busy teaching foraging, writing about foraging, and, well, actually foraging for edible wild plants. I love it that I rarely have to actually buy a vegetable at this time of year because there are so many delicious ones ready to harvest for free.


I’ve also started sharing some brief tutorial videos about foraging, food preservation, and other urban homesteading skills on my youtube channel. Here are ┬ámy first three (be kind; the learning curve is steep!):

Japanese Knotweed: Eat the Invader

How to Make Violet Flower Syrup

How to Harvest Wild Ginger Sustainably

I’m going to be putting up more food preservation videos soon (in case you wished you could be peering over my shoulder while I test for that elusive jelly gelling point, etc.)…stay tuned (and thanks for putting up with this shamelessly self-promoting post!).

Busy, but yay! In all good ways. Hope you are having a glorious Spring.

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