Eating Local in the Big Apple

I recently wrote a guest post for NYBG‘s Plant Talk blog about what it’s like to eat a local foods diet in the big city. Here’s a quote from it:

“All of the other locavores I’d read about, including Barbara Kingsolver and Michael Pollan, had advantages over me when it came to eating local. They lived in a mild climate with a longer agricultural season, or had huge gardens or even farms. What I wanted to find out was could it be done by someone living in a tiny apartment on a limited budget, and with a hectic, multi-employer urban lifestyle? And what would I eat in winter?

I discovered that it is completely possible to eat a deliciously varied and healthy local foods diet in NYC without breaking the bank or requiring a 28-hour day.”

You can read the full piece here.

What solutions are you finding to the cost, convenience, lack of space and time issues that confront urban (and even non-urban) locavores? Let’s start a discussion and help each other out!


Botany, Ballet, & Dinner from Scratch: A Memoir with Recipes by Leda Meredith

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  1. acmeplant says:

    Of course YOU know this, but for anyone getting started I’d say learning about food preservation is key! Start canning, freezing, and drying asap and the whole thing becomes much easier. (in the DFW airport)

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