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corn-blissI was going to show you this awesome dinner plate of  a Caprese salad with a mix of tomatoes and cheese from my CSA plus basil from my garden, the first tasting of my homemade bacon, and Farmer Ted’s corn. I started with an ear of Ted’s corn.

I ate the whole thing raw, standing there over my kitchen sink.

I had just husked one of the five cobs of corn that were in my share this week and nibbled a spot to see if it was sweet enough to do simple boiled corn-on-the-cob with it. If not, I knew a bunch of other cooking methods that would work better. I took one bite, then another. I didn’t stop until I’d eaten the whole thing.

The next cob of corn did make it into a pot of boiling water.

It went perfectly with the single slice I’d cut, the first slice, of my homemade bacon. I sizzled it up in a small frying pan. I’ve never made bacon before. This was my first batch that I’d cured at home from Lewis Waite Farm’s pork belly.

Homemade bacon and fresh, sweet corn…almost there. Basil from my garden, plus some crazily juicy dark purple and bright yellow tomatoes from Windflower Farm. Mozzarella from the guys up the street.


Oops. Took that pic before I’d picked the basil to add to the tomatoes, but not before I’d started eating.


That’s it. Corn, a strip of homemade bacon, and a salad for dinner. There’s not a restaurant in NYC serving better than what I ate tonight.

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  1. acmeplant says:

    Damn it, woman, you’re making me hungry! And how about sharing that bacon recipe?

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