Ancient Herbals, Wild Edibles, Aphrodisiacs, and Other Interesting Stuff

Okay, folks, this is a shameless promo post: I finally got around to updating my upcoming classes and events page. Very cool stuff coming up, if I do say so myself. I’ve got a class on herbs and herbalism that includes a viewing of the centuries-old herbals in NYBG’s rare books collection, a workshop on how to eat a tasty and healthy local foods diet even in a cold winter climate in February, and  just before Valentine’s Day, two classes on herbal aphrodisiacs. Here are the deets:

Upcoming Classes and Events

For my diehard foraging buddies who want to know what’s still out there in NYC at this time of year, I just wrote this one about evening primrose a.k.a. Oenathera biennis:

Down the Primrose Path

And if, like me, you’re still jonesing for fun food projects even though it is the middle of winter, well…Is it weird that I made five different kinds of mustard recently? Okay, maybe it is. But they’re really good. mustard-sm

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